Garden of Vibrations


Love is a fruit in season at all times, and within reach of every hand. - Mother Teresa



“From the first visit with Sandy I intuitively knew I had found a true guide, an Ayurvedic master. Her complete understanding of Ayurveda far surpasses any set dogma or formula of healing and I felt as if I had come “home”. Sandy's superior knowledge and abilities through the various methods of Ayurveda awakened my awareness and understanding of my own body. She made the various (self-massage, herbal remedies, healing waters, etc.) to my daily routine manageable and fun! There was no part of my mind, my body or my spirit that was left untended and she gave me a true map of how to regain my strength, my vitality and the life I had forgotten was mine. Sandy excels at the Ayurvedic model providing me with ancient tools for healing and radiates tenderness and comfort for the part of my soul that was lost and searching. It is not only is my physical body that is being revitalized by following the program Sandy set for me, but my spirit is remembering its expression and I am living my life once again. Thank you Sandy for sharing your tremendous gifts! P.S. The Rejuvenative Treatments Sandy gives are truly and phenomenally life altering!”

– D.A. Wils

“I have known and worked with Sandy Bachman for more than twelve years. She is a highly intuitive, intelligent, creative and conscientious healer. Sandy brings to her clients a unique integrative set of skills which she has developed and honed from her travels and studies throughout the world. I love being with her and feel honored to share in her wisdom and humor and adventures. She is truly a heart centered, generous teacher and friend from whom I have learned much.”
– J. Nolan

“Sandy Bachman is a joy to be with. Her love, compassion and healing abilities are evident in her yoga sessions. Sandy provides excellent instruction in yoga and complements the class with a life affirming connection to the Divine. I highly recommend her as a healer and teacher.”
- Ruth

“Sandy, using her unique combination of humor, spirituality, and tough mindedness, constantly challenges me to move beyond my places of physical and spiritual complacency. In my almost three years of studying with her, my practice of yoga has become a core part of my well being. I have had other terrific yoga instructors, but never one who so succeeds in combining philosophical and spiritual awareness with physical challenge. I think Sandy's deeply felt mission is that her students' yoga practice be built upon a foundation of careful form and essential breathwork. Over the years, as Sandy has helped me extend further and further into the practice of yoga, we keep cycling back to this core mission, and I have benefited more than I can say from her care as a teacher.”
- Jan