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Sandy Bachman

Sandy Bachman, CAP, CAE, CYT, CCA, CAEH, MS

Sandy Bachman is an intuitive and heart centered healer. The mission of her healing Center, Garden of Vibrations, is to meet you, without judgment, where you are on your spiritual journey and to assist you in your transformation through the circle of life. Over the last ten years, Sandy has combined each of these modalities and strengthened her ability to heal herself. The power of taking responsibility for one’s own healing launched her into Ayurveda. With her knowledge to date, Ayurveda proves to be the key that has opened the mind to a more righteous existence. The mind needs discipline and connection with the heart to follow the spiritual plan rather than fighting the spiritual progress. Ayurveda has brought daily routines and balance into Sandy’s lifestyle as well as knowledge and freedom as she continues her spiritual journey.

Sandy has extensive experience in the following holistic medicines.

From 1989–2002, Sandy managed her own Training & Development Consulting business. In June 2002, she consciously made the decision to bring her lifestyle and her work back into balance. This single decision set into motion the transformation, knowledge and experience that Sandy brings to Garden of Vibrations Healing Center.

Sandy works with individuals, families and groups. She continues to open many magical doors to allow her clients to experience themselves in their true state of Being.