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May my body be a prayer stick for the world - Joan Halifax

Pancha Karma and Rejuvenative Treatments

Pancha Karma

As we bring more consciousness to our choices of a balanced lifestyle we may consider receiving Pancha Karma and/or Rejuvenative treatments to assist in the personal process of transformation. Ayurveda treatments that are rejuvenative or Rasayana, bring renewal and longevity to the cells of the body. They give strength and vitality and increase immunity.

A deeper purification and detoxification experience is Pancha Karma. This commitment of self-love includes one or more of the Rasayana treatments on a daily basis for at least 3 or more days. Pancha Karma treatments are very individualized and made specific for the patient’s desire to restore health, wellness and happiness. These treatments get at the root of the imbalance whether it is body, mind and spirit.

Snehana (snay-ha-nah) in Sanskrit means “to love” and is also the term for oil therapy. Thus, when a person adds oil to the body, the person is showing the body a great deal of love. This allows the body and soul to experience great self nurturance. The body drinks the nectar of the healing oil, the mind lets go and releases old constructs and belief systems and the spirit soars to new dimensions of living through the sacred art and healing properties of the Ayurveda treatments. The method of purifying, tonifying or detoxifying the physical and subtle aspects of your being will depend on your state of imbalances.

Whatever the Ayurveda treatment, to experience this healing art is a beautiful way to show self-love and self-preservation. The treatment will be felt deep in the tissues of your body and spaces in your emotional heart for a long time to come.

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