Garden of Vibrations


Ayurveda is beyond beginning and ending. It is compared to a vast ocean and studying Ayurveda to swimming across. A true teacher can teach one how to swim, but the swimming is up to the student. It is a lifelong journey. - Charaka Samhita

Ayurveda Consultation Process

Ayurvedic Consultation

The fee for all four appointments is $250.
There is an additional fee for any herbal formula(s) prepared for the client.

Ayurveda Follow up Visits – On-going visits are available to continue to discuss your treatment plan. At a minimum, follow-up visits are recommended prior to the coming of each season.

*Although it is not required, it is highly recommended that you receive Ayurveda Rejuvenative Treatments during the consultation process. Additional fees apply.

Pancha Karma and Rejuvenative Treatments

Price List